Punahou Sessions

Punahou Sessions is a set of live music videos created and produced by Allen Murabayashi ’90 to celebrate the extraordinary depth and diversity of talent among alumni and students who create music. The first season was in honor of Punahou’s 175th anniversary and featured a representative collection of musicians spanning the classes of 1946 – 2020. Sessions combines musicians in a variety of musical genres, recorded live on the Punahou campus.

In April and May, 2017, the second season of Sessions launches with musicians representing classes of 1967 – 2022! 

Mahalo for the generous contributions of time and talent to the musicians, to Allen Murabayashi ’90 for his inspiration, Darin Leong ’95 for mixing and mastering the multi-track audio and Evan Asato ’11 for directing and filming. Enjoy the Sessions, share them, create your own music. (See Murabayashi’s Producer Notes.)

Producer’s Notes

About Punahou Sessions

You probably can name a musician or two from your class. Maybe a few more from your era. You’re probably unaware, as I was, how deep the talent pool has been through the School’s history: composers, conductors, instrumentalists, international pop stars, Broadway stars, renowned musicians from classical to jazz to electronic. For the school’s 175th anniversary, I wanted to find a way to share this legacy and, perhaps, inspire students who will add to this lineage.

With the help of Kikilia Fordham ’82, I started tossing together a list of names. We ended up with a collection of musicians spanning the classes of 1946 to 2020 – an incredible eight decades of talent that is meant to be representative rather than definitive. (We’d need a few hundred videos for that.) We combined musicians who had never played with one another. We chose a variety of musical genres. We asked the musicians all to play live. No autotune, no splicing, no lip synching.

We chose iconic locations on campus and enlisted the help of Evan Asato ’11 to direct and film it all. Darin Leong ’95 volunteered to mix and master all the multi-track audio because he’s just a great guy (in addition to being a Na Hoku and Grammy nominee and a lawyer). All the musicians – many of whom are working professionals – donated their time and talent.

Maybe another Punahou student will watch and become inspired. Sit down and practice, kid. Punahou’s 200th anniversary is coming up soon enough.

The result is a set of live music videos that we’re calling Punahou Sessions. Like, comment and share on social media. Donate to the arts at Punahou. Film your own video. In an utterly crazy world, we hope this music comforts, inspires and reconnects you with Punahou. Mahalo for listening.