Love Stories

Gary ’71 and Laura Ing ’71 Baker

Who would ever imagine that the only boy who asked me to dance at one of the Seventh Grade Canteens would become my husband 15 years later? (Between seventh grade and mid- to late-20s, 15 years is a lifetime!) Yeah, I was pretty stoked that Gary Baker asked me to dance that night, as it was the only dance I got to dance. In eighth grade, he asked me on a date, but my mom wouldn’t let me go. (“You’re too young,” she said.) He never asked again.

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Evan ’97 and Stephanie Chun ’97 Nomura

I had a crush on Evan since high school. Unfortunately, he did not even give me a second look. But finally Evan and I reconnected at our 10th Reunion and since then, we knew we wanted to be together. We now have two beautiful kids. So go to your reunions! You never know what good things can happen by going!

Josh ’96 and Jana Yee ’99 Lam

Josh and I have known of each other since we were kids, and he was friends with my brother Damon ’96. His only real memory of me was Damon throwing a basketball at my head when I was trying to tag along. Fast forward to 2003, I was living in Manhattan and I was finally cool enough to hang out with my brother’s friends. One evening, Chad Agena ’95 called and said Josh Lam and Jason Lee ’96 were in town and I should come hang out. I did, and really the rest is history. We’ve been together ever since.